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Steiner Accessories are developed to further customize your Steiner Tractor. The way we see it, a Steiner should be able to do anything you need it to do. This complete lineup of accessories is what has allowed the Steiner tractor to enjoy being the original and most versatile compact tractor in the market today.

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NEW ITEM: All Weather Cab Enclosure for Steiner 440 -- Cradled Comfort from the Elements

Steiner Riding Lawn Tractor all-weather cab accessory

Compatible With:
Item #: Model #:

Tractor Models

235 430 440
75-71217 12 Volt Outlet X
75-71216 Sun Shade X
75-71215 All Weather Cab Enclosure – 440 Deluxe X
75-71221 Water Heater Kit - 440 Cab Accessory X
75-71222 Work Light  (2  lights - Front or Rear) - 440 Cab Accessory X
75-71223 Safety Beacon Light Kit - 440 Cab Accessory X
75-71224 Circulating Fan - 440 Cab Accessory X
75-71225 Two Side Exterior Mirror Kit - 440 Cab Accessory X
75-71226 Interior Mirror - 440 Cab Accessory X
75-71214 Engine Overheat Protection System X
75-71213 HC200 Hand Control Kit, Wheel Drive X
75-71212 SS200 Suspension Kit for 440 Seat X
75-71211 TP-200 Treadle Pedal, Foot Control X
75-71210 RR200 Remote release, Front Hitch X
75-71209 PT440 3-Point Hitch/Category 1 X
75-71208 FF200 Front Fender Kit X
75-71207 WT200 Weight Transfer Kit X
75-71206 WS200 3" Wheel Spacer Kit X
75-71205 QH202 3-Point Quick Hitch/Weight Bar X
75-71204 WB201 Weight Kit, 4 50# Weights X
75-71203 WB200 Weight Bar, Front X
75-71202 DW202 Dual Wheel Set - 440 Turf Tire X
75-71201 DW201 Dual Wheel Set - 440 Bar Tread X
75-71200 DW200 Dual Wheel Set - 440 Field Trax X
75-70709 All Weather Cab with Wiper Blade (Requires ROPS Roll Bar)  X
75-70710  All Weather Cab with Wiper Blade (Requires ROPS Roll Bar)  X
75-70480  DW100 Dual Wheel Set — Bar Tires X
970306 DW100 Dual Wheel Set with Field Trac Tires X
75-70422  Suspension Seat Kit X
75-70420 Suspension Seat Kit X
75-70720  RB430  ROPS Roll Bar with Seat Belt X
75-70730 ROPS Roll Bar with Seat Belt X
75-70742  SH430 HD Sun Shade Canopy (Requires ROPS Roll Bar) X
75-70732 HD Sun Shade Canopy (Requires ROPS Roll Bar) X
75-70467 Weight Bar (2) — Rear X
73-70470  WB150 Weight Bar-Rear with 4 Weights X
73-70474  WB153  Weight Bar — 3-Point Hitch with 4 Weights X
73-70412  PT420 3-Point Hitch/Category "O"  X
75-70660  MH100 Machinery Hitch X X
73-70404  UB430  Utility Box — rear mount (requires weight bar 73-70470) X