Steiner Professional Snow Blower Tractor Attachment

Professional Snow Blower

Model # SB648

The 48” Steiner SB648 Professional Snow Blower. Our snow blower offers professional quality construction and is our most efficient snow blower attachment. The professional snow blower attachment will clear your toughest snow conditions with it’s heavy duty auger, blower and 48″ wide opening.

See it in action Specifications
Overall width48"
Overall length44"
Opening Size27" high x 48" wide
Auger16" diameter open center
Blower18" diameter 4 blade 7" depth
Width of cut48"  * 52" with optional extension wings
Auger speed140 rpm
Blower speed700 rpm
ChuteApproximately 9" diameter, 243° rotation
Height of cutAdjustable skid shoes, 0" to 3/4"
Weight450 lbs.
Optional accessoriesElectric Chute deflector, drift cutters, extension wings


Catalog #Description
2SB648Professional Snow Blower
Mow It. Blow It. Trench It. Haul It. Drill It. Till It. Do It.