Ezra Y.

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My wife and I own 23 acres in upstate New York. We use our Steiners (430Max and 525 both with the Kubota Diesel engines) in Spring (slip scoops to move mulch and such), Summer (60& 72” finish decks respectively), Fall and Winter (snow blower and hydraulic v-plow) and we are consistently pleasantly surprised at how fantastic a product they are. The photo attached below are of my brother in law and I mowing our 11acre lawn. If you look closely you will see the grins of pure pleasure on both of our faces. NEVER an issue with either of these machines! I want to thank my local Steiner Dealer, Jim and Bonnie Morse of “Jim’s Equipment” in Campbell NY for being the consummate professionals, and for all they do to keep my Steiners running in tip top shape. Big box store mowers eat your heart out...your product will never compare to this true American made quality product!

Steiner Product :
430 max and 525

Mow It. Blow It. Trench It. Haul It. Drill It. Till It. Do It.