Matthew F. – Ligonier

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I have mowed hills that goats would think twice about going on. I have pulled a F150 out of a yard that was buried up to the axles at a party with everyone telling me no way and the pulled it 100yards through the mud. I have plowed snow uphill on the very same driveway my truck could not make it up with the plow up. I’ve hauled 1/3 of a face cord of wood up a steep driveway with no issues. I’ve mowed through a swamp that I had previously got my four wheel drive tractor stuck driving past it. I have loved these tractors since I was young and saw them at an ag show. I have had a 420 for years and have never had a problem even doing things I probably shouldn’t, I recently purchased a 450 and it is incredible. I want to thank you for making it cool to buy an awesome American made machine tractor.

Steiner Product :
450 32hp and a 420 20hp

Mow It. Blow It. Trench It. Haul It. Drill It. Till It. Do It.