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Steiner - What Legends are Made Of

The first Steiner® tractor was intended to be one of a kind. Handcrafted in a machine shop serving the rich farming area of Wayne County, Ohio, the original unit astonished even it’s designers and builders. In a short time several more machines were built for the Steiner family. Friends and neighbors saw and operated the unusual little tractor and insisted the Steiner® Company “build some more” – and area dealers were soon asking, as they do today, to represent the brand of products that launched the machine shop into manufacturing. Today’s Steiner® tractors are still built around the principle of building the kind of machine you would build for yourself. The Steiner® tractor is tailored to be customizable to each owner so that as the owner’s needs change so does their Steiner®. With more than 25 attachments and accessories that till, sweep, load, plow, trench, mow, and much, much more – you can do just about anything with a Steiner®!

1970 – 1979

The tradition of engineering excellence began in the early ’70s with the original 4-wheel drive articulating tractor being designed in 1974. Throughout the remaining ’70s “The Steiner®” introduced new engines and brought concepts to the market like the “Quick-Hitch™” and Traction Master S-16.

1980 – 1989

These years with production moving the company forward and sales continuing to grow, units with hydraulic dump, 4-wheel drive, articulating out-front type utility vehicles were introduced. Ever changing with the market needs, the out-front mower design brought the company into production that doubled in capacity. Adding a diesel model and restyled controls, hoods and other elements brought out the S-20 which, along with a new offering of a 2-wheel drive unit for the cost-conscious, brought us into the ’90s.


Innovations in the line and additions to the accessories and attachments proved the power of Steiner®, and the versatility of Steiner® would never be outmatched. Zero-turns were added and other models were updated to reflect the changing market. Steiner® moved into the Dalton, Ohio facility which completed a production facility of over 100,000 square feet. Changes in the market brought changes to the Steiner, and we moved from a tractor company to an overall commercial and consumer product that fills the needs of all customers.

2000 – Present

With the changes of ownership, Steiner® continues to be an exciting company, changing with the markets as the needs are requested by the consumer. Production is now done through the Johnson Creek facility in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin with a new and bright outlook for the future. Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. will continue to drive the Steiner® business through direction from its strong Dealer Network and Dealer Council to show the Passion. Power. Versatility.™ of the Steiner® line from now through the future. The Steiner® brand offers multiple tractor models and more than 25 QuickHitch™ attachments including mowing decks, aerators, plow blades, snow blowers, rotary sweepers and more!