450 with Sweeper
Steiner 61" Rotary Sweeper Tractor Attachment

Rotary Sweeper – 16″ Diameter

Model # RS350

Ideal for clearing away leaves, debris and light snow on pathways, parking lots, sidewalks and drives. The Hydraulically controlled 16″ diameter nylon broom with bevel gearbox drive with caster wheel flotation control and brooms that angle for left and right-hand operation and reach a speed of 300 rpm.

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See It In Action Specifications
Overall width61"
Overall height18"
Overall length44"
Broom width54"
Broom diameter16"
Working width54"
Hydraulic angling (Left or Right)30˚
Speed of broom300 rpm @ 3200 engine rpm
DrivePTO - Gear Box
Weight170 lbs.
Broom RotationForward and reverse
Attachment Fits450, 440, 235


Catalog #Description
1RS350Sweeper, Rotary 54" Gauge Wheels standard
  1. See Service Advisory for minor update for 440 Application. NO additional parts required.
Mow It. Blow It. Trench It. Haul It. Drill It. Till It. Do It.