Steiner Slip Scoop Tractor Attachment

Slip Scoop – 44″

Model # SS244

The Steiner slip scoop tractor attachment makes it quick and easy to move loose materials or excavate small areas. Use it for virtually anything that would normally require a wheelbarrow. The optional scarifier wear edge breaks up hard material in preparation for removal or grading. The 44″ is a great size for cleaning barn stalls.

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See It In Action Specifications
Overall width48"
Overall height16"
Overall length33"
Width of bucket44"
Bucket capacity3.25 cubic ft.
Scarifier teeth6 - 1" wide (optional)
Weight135 lbs.
Attachment Fits450, 440, 235


Catalog #Description
1 *SS244Slip Scoop - Hydraulic, 44"
  1. See Service Advisory for minor update for 440 Application. NO additional parts required.
    • * Rear weight bar is recommended for these attachments
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