Steiner Stump Cutter Tractor Attachment

Stump Cutter

Model # SC101

Tough 16″-diameter cutterhead is driven by a PTO belt off a right-angle gearbox. Hardened cutters are located to allow movement from side to side, or from top down.

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See It In Action Specifications
Overall height34 1/2"
Overall width18"
Overall length37"
Cutterhead24 hardened cutters
Cutterhead diameter16"
Cutterhead width3 1/4"
Cutterhead speed1600 rpm
Cutting depth below ground level5"
Maximum recommended cutting height above ground level5"
Weight250 lbs.
Attachment Fits450 and 440


Catalog #Description
SC101Stump Cutter (For 4-wheel drive units)
Mow It. Blow It. Trench It. Haul It. Drill It. Till It. Do It.