I can do about anything I want to with my Steiner®. It’s very versatile. You can put a deck on and cut the grass, put a blower on and blow the leaves back in the yard, put a scoop on and move dirt, move mulch, clean up after a hurricane moving logs. You can put the blower on, rote tiller, you got a stump grinder, you got a trencher. There’s so many attachments that you can put on my Steiner that I can do most anything I want to.

I’ve pulled vehicles out of ditches with it. My neighbor had a shop in his back yard. He’d get a car that wouldn’t run, I’d take the Steiner® to it and pull it back into the shop and if it’s maneuverable enough, I could get the car in and drive out around it.

Richard H – South Carolina

I wouldn’t trade my Steiner® for any other mower – or mowing machine made – I think. This will last me a long time and I think it’ll do the job I need it to do.

Harold M – North Carolina

We use the Slip Scoop mostly for mulching.  My son uses it to make “jumps” and “tabletops” for his 4 wheeling and motorcycling adventures in the back yard. We are lucky to have about 5 acres that he can dig/design his own course. In the spring we have approximately 15-20 yards of mulch delivered and the Slip Scoop helps to deliver the mulch to the area where it is needed. It was also a great help on my son’s Eagle Scout project, when he was landscaping the church.

Danny R – Maryland

I just want you to know how totally pleased I am with my Steiner® tractor and attachments. It is simple to maintain yet built to work hard and made to last. I bought it new about three years ago and its capabilities still amaze me. Among other things, I use it to mow, aerate and fertilize a steep and rugged property in the rugged foothills west of Denver. I have the dual tires and an after-market slope meter. People tell me that they can’t believe its incredible power, traction and stability on my steep slopes – and frankly, I often can’t either!

I also like how gentle its soft, wide tires are on my native grass, creating minimal compaction, even when moving heavy loads of stone and rocks using its convenient slip scoop. Because of the tire design and recommended low air pressure, the tires will absorb fist-size rocks without changing the tractor’s geometry while crossing steep slopes.

The Steiner® is a marvel of engineering, simple to maintain yet built to work hard and made to last. Other than routine maintenance and adding a high altitude carb kit for my 7600 foot elevation, I have never needed any repairs. Nor have I ever wanted for more power, even with my 7600 foot altitude while climbing steep hillsides, although I always work in low range.

My Steiner® was one of the best investments I have ever made. Before buying it, local dealers brought a variety of other tractor brands to demo their ability to mow my challenging property. Although similar in size, none of the others could hold a candle to the Steiner’s very low center of gravity and wide wheelbase and therefore, none had the Steiner’s amazing slope stability. Nor did any of the others have such a huge range of convenient, quick-hitch attachments.

Although I’m normally very fussy and hard to please, the Steiner® has consistently exceeded my expectations in every way. It is absolutely perfect for the Rocky Mountain region, with all its steep hills and rugged terrain.

Gary C – Colorado